Take up the challenge and bring order to the land of words!

Beware of the cataclysm cards that bring disorder to the land of words!

Experience a game that brings everyone together.


The object of the game is simple, the first person who has no more cards in their hands wins the game. To do this, the player must create a correlation between the card played by the previous participant and one of the cards in their hand. The player must use the magic formula “Kiddi” to relate and explain it. The other players judge whether this link is acceptable or not. During the match, cataclysm cards add variety to the game.


In addition to developing the ability to make connections, several language learning skills are developed with Kiddi: speaking, organizing your speech and stimulating pre-reading habits.

It is a simple game for developing healthy social skills: accepting collaborative decisions, taking turns, and developing critical thinking. Kiddi allows the development of executive functions and creativity. In older individuals, it is a good pretext for initiating discussion, for keeping cognitive functions active and for maintaining brain plasticity.

 Ages : 5+

To better discover it : https://jeuxface4.com/site1/node/140


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