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Fun, educational and Quebec-based board games !

Our (board) games

Our three boardgames : Sul'bord d'la 20, Kiddi and Hidden Piece.
Cards of the game Kiddi : rainbow, rocket, volcano, dictionary.
Question of the game Sul'bord d'la 20 : À l'est de la rivière Richelieu, dans quel camping peut-on s'endormir bercé par le ronflement du moteur des automobiles?

Our games, our pride, our commitment to society!

Various studies show that people have a greater capacity for learning when educational activity is carried out in a playful manner and when it engage the senses. By combining entertainment and general culture, our games offer an environment favorable to the development of knowledge and skills, for children as well as for the whole family!

A child is playing the Kiddi word association game, she has a lot of fun and a big smile.

On the way down

Trans-Canada Highway

Put your knowledge of Trans-Canada Highway to the test. Funny questions about Canada on the menu. Ready for a coast-to-coast adventure?


On the way down

Highway 401

Put your knowledge of Southern Ontario to the test. Funny questions about Canada on the menu. Ready to discover Ontario's major cities?


Put your knowledge of Quebec to the test. Charades, songs and multiple choice questions are on the menu. Are you ready to have some fun on Highway 20?

On the way down highway 20

Quiz about highway 20 in Quebec

On the way down Route 138

Put your knowledge of Highway 40 and Route 138 to the test. Funny questions about Quebec on the menu. Will you make it to the end of the Route 138?


Quiz about highway 40 and route 138 in Quebec


Take up the challenge and bring order to the land of words! Beware of the cataclysm cards that bring disorder to the land of  words! Experience a game that brings everyone together.

The Hidden Piece

Puzzle lovers, are you looking for new challenges?Armed with your sense of deduction, get ready to discover “The Hidden Piece”!

The Hidden Piece, a game combining puzzles, speed of execution and deductions. A game that makes children, adolescents and parents grow up.

Could you Repeat

Do you like to be the center of attention at your gatherings? “Repeat” is a game made to give you time to shine! All in total silence!


Could you repeat : Print & Play game where you have to lip-read your friends and family to win. A fun game to have a good time at low prices.

Police-Thief : The diamond hunt

A huge diamond has just arrived in town! Are you a cunning thief? Are you a proud policeman? Get ready for an exhilarating crossover!

Police-Thief : The diamond hunt : a printable board game for children. It is an easy game where laughter and good times are guaranteed for young and old.

Terrain de jeu : L'Asie - by le prof nomade

Are you ready to become his travel partner, traveling the dusty roads between Turkey and Japan or the hazy seas between Indonesia and Russia? A stroll in the heart of the knowledge of these countries that you will not soon forget ...

Playground : Asia quiz. A travel with le prof nomade in  Asia show your knowledge in this simple game. A perfect game for camping, parties with friends, family, on the road.

Santa's Challenges

Santa is trying to choose the best team of helpers on whom he will be able to count on to ensure the delivery of the presents during Christmas Night. Are you in?


Our games in distribution

XPLORE Series by Pixsenses

Come experience augmented reality while learning and having fun !

XPLORE - Dinosaurs

XPLORE - Dinosaurs

XPLORE - Space

Xplore - Space

XPLORE - Geography

xplore - geography

Gigi! The laughing game

With Gigi! The Laughing Game, let go, free your imagination, move, take on challenges and create laughter.

Also, check the 2 new games there !



Mostkala, the game where you become a fortune teller! Storytelling, creativity and improvisation for all to enjoy!

And from the same designer : 


Follow us in the adventure!



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